Osteopathy: how can it serve you? 

Osteopathy is a whole-person approach to treating illnesses, focusing on manually working with the body’s muscles, tissues, and joints. Your Osteopath will use massage, articulation and high-velocity thrusts in a session with you.

Articulation is when your joints are moved through their entire range of motion, and high-velocity thrusts are sharp, short movements that would most of the time produce a clicking noise. 

The history of Osteopathy

The practice is based upon the belief that our wellbeing depends on the health of our tissues, muscles and joints. In other words, if your body is not in good shape, that will impact the wellbeing of your emotions and thoughts. Because that will block the bodies ability to heal itself.


If you see an osteopath today, the osteopathic techniques you will be exposed to are based upon Andrew Taylor Still’s work. He suffered significant grief from his children and wife’s deaths, who were failed by the traditional health practices at the time. Afterwards, he developed the first incarnation of osteopathy as he believed that if the body is handled correctly, it can in many ways heal itself. 

At Hall Health Center, we believe this to be true as well. The body can heal itself if it is in the right environment, with the right conditions. Human beings are incredible, with so much more potential than we know. 

The efficacy of osteopathy is highly disputed; regardless, practitioners of osteopathy have increased worldwide. 

Osteopathy should not replace medical care; still, at Hall Health Center, we believe that it can complement any healing journey very well. Many attest to how well the practice has worked for them, and many of our clients have returned to health after working with our practitioners. 

The adverse effects of stress

Stress can often lead to tension in the body, and when that is left to increase within our being, that can have a harmful impact on our emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing over time. 

Therefore, we must embed practices into our lives that can help alleviate stress and tension so that we can flourish and thrive as human beings whilst on earth. 

Osteopathy can be one of these practices; you may also want to consider stretching, mobility work, yoga or meditation. All of them are excellent at helping the body relax to release tension. 


At Hall Health Center, we do not believe that we are only here to survive; we thrive. When we are too bogged down with stress, that is not an easy task to achieve. Nor can we see the world as it is when our mind is clouded by stress and worry. 

How it works 

When you see an osteopath, they will first talk with you about what you are suffering from. They will then use massage, physical manipulation and stretches to start your healing journey. 

They will use these approaches to relieve tension, reduce pain, help the body heal, and increase blood supply. 

When the blood is allowed to flow more freely, that boosts the healing journey. 

What can it treat 

People see Osteopaths for different reasons. Although, most of the time, people see them for problems with muscles, bones and joints. 

For example:

  • Upper back pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Lower back pain 
  • Pain in the shoulders 
  • Hips and legs 

Choosing the right therapist for you

In the UK, you can only practice osteopathy if you are registered with the General Osteopathic Council. Therefore, if you choose to see an osteopath, make sure they are registered with them; otherwise, their practice may be illegal. 

You will also want to find an osteopath via a recommendation to ensure that you get the care you deserve. 

All in all, osteopathy can serve you very well on your healing journey. To help you thrive and flourish as a human being. By aiding you with letting go of stress and tension. The most occurring modern ailments that we have.

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