GP: How does it work for us?

At Hall Health Center, we believe in blending traditional health and wellbeing approaches with alternative and complementary healing modalities. 

The General Practitioner who works for us collaborates closely with the rest of the therapists that work for us.

Our GP have themselves benefited greatly from bringing alternative routes to healing into their lives. 

Therefore, they will not shy away from recommending them to our client base when they see us for help regarding their healing journey. 

In addition to our alternative therapist, our GP will also direct you towards more specialist support that we do not offer at our centre. For example, taking blood samples, CT scans and more. 


No 5-minute consultation

We make a promise to all of our patients that we will remain with them from the beginning to the end of their health journey, and we know that health issues cannot be resolved in a 5-minute consultation. So when you come to see one of our GPs they will work with you for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your needs. 

Outside of the session, they will also regularly be checking in on you to make sure that your health is where it should be. 

We can sometimes be afraid of seeking help because we are worried about what may show up. At Hall Health Center, we want you to know that we are a non-judgemental, safe space and that you can feel comfortable in our care. 

The best way to improve our health is by taking action and not putting our heads in the sand. That will only make the conditions worse. 


Stress and overwork have become commonplace in our society; in so many ways, it has been normalised, which is not a good thing. 

We will help you to shift your thinking, feelings, and priorities around your health. So that you can show up with your family, friends and at work in a healthy way. Because we know that when we are healthy we are more prone to kindness, compassion and care. 

Our Wellness Action Plans

The only certainty in life is change. Still, we can choose to be the consequence of someone else’s actions or we can create intentional change ourselves. 

We believe in having a bias towards taking action over rumination. Of course, that action has to be rooted in improving our health. 

Therefore, when you come to see our GP they will help you set up a Wellness Action Plan (WAP). 

A WAP will help you set specific goals that will help you improve your self-accountability and also create awareness around the areas that you need support with. 

The WAP will ask you questions around: 

  • What you need in your environment to remain healthy
  • What is it that triggers low levels of wellbeing the most
  • What is in your life when you feel the best
  • Who can support you on your health journey
  • What are some healthy habits that you can begin building 

Our GP will not only signpost you to other professionals. They will be able to give you advice when it comes to sleep, physical exercise and nutrition. All of them are pillars to optimal health and wellbeing. 

Accountability and taking responsibility is key when it comes to improving our wellbeing. The GP that you work with will help you initiate those facilities within yourself. 

Healthy Habits

Following filling out the WAP, our GP will start working with you on your habits. Underpinning good health is a healthy habit. We are creatures of habits, therefore, we must investigate to change those habits that are no longer serving us. 

We recommend that if you want to start working on your habits by yourself, you should pick up Atomic Habits by James Clear. His approach to changing how we operate our life is extraordinary. If you are not into reading, he also has tons of podcasts and short videos. 

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