Hall Health Center is the one-stop destination for your health.

We use a holistic approach to help you with any health concerns that you may have. Our expert team of health professionals will approach you as an individual, as there is no size fits all when it comes to health. 

Our mission is to create and deliver an outstanding holistic health experience for all of our patients – to ensure that when they leave our centre, we can know for sure that they are set up to succeed in our modern world. 

Our vision is to create a nation of healthy individuals that have access to the tools they need to thrive and flourish in a busy world. 

Our values are





Why choose us?

You have come to our centre because you know that health is multifaceted. And cannot only be approached from traditional routes, there must always be a blended approach. 

You may even have experienced that you have been unable to find adequate help from only traditional health routes. 

Many of our therapists studied at the British Association For Holistic Medicine and Health Care.

We can help you reduce stress, increase calm, boost a sense of purpose and create a bespoke plan to healing that blends traditional and alternative approaches to health.

We are here to support you as an individual.

Health begins within

Our Story

We built Hall Health Center because we know that there are no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health. Many of our practitioners have been failed by only using a traditional approach to health, which is why we believe in blending a more traditional route with alternative ways to healing. 

It is not only our practitioners who share this story, we hear this time and again from our patients too. 

Our team will use a whole-person centred health approach because we believe that health is multifaceted and often one type of healing modality is not enough. 

You are unique, therefore, your needs are unique too. 

When you come to see us, we want you to feel safe and cared for in a calm environment that will set you up to succeed in life. 

At Whole Centre we believe in bringing together the mind, body and spirit. Only then can we truly be whole human beings that can blossom in our modern world. 

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):
what is it?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a form of talking therapy that is action-oriented and, for the most part, focuses on strategies that help with addressing the here and now. Instead of looking into the past.

Meditation Healing

Meditation Healing: What is it?

Meditation as a healing modality has grown in popularity over the last few decades. Practitioners such as Tor Njamo has been using Meditation Healing effectively to help people improve their spiritual wellbeing.


Acupuncture: what can it help with?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing that primarily has its origin in China. Many dispute the effectiveness of acupuncture; still, research shows that acupuncture can relieve chronic pain around the neck, shoulder, and head. 

Our Services

We offer a wide range of different services to ensure that we can support our patients regardless of their health issues. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is an action-oriented approach to talking therapy. Many studies have shown that CBT is very effective at treating many different mental health conditions: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorder and many more. 

When you work with our CBT therapist they will work with you to introduce healthy coping mechanisms to improve your emotional regulation to deal with stressful and overwhelming situations. 

You can be struggling with situations at home, work or elsewhere. Regardless of the situation, our CBT therapist will be able to help you work through your issues. 

A session normally lasts for 30-60 minutes and span across 6-20 sessions.


Acupuncture stems from Chinese Medicine and has been adopted by the west as an approach to relieving pain, stress, anxiety and many other modern-day illnesses. 

In the traditional version of acupuncture, the needles are set according to the body’s meridians. Whilst in the west, we use different acupuncture points in different muscles.

Our therapists are trained in the eastern and western ways of conducting acupuncture, and therefore, you will find that our approach is particularly unique. 

How many needles are set depends on the symptoms of the patient. 

A session usually lasts from 30-60 minutes and stretch across 3-15 sessions.


At Whole Health Centre, we offer a wide range of private GP services depending on your needs. When you come to see us we can diagnose to direct you to the health specialist that can help you with your illness. 

Our GP will spend time with you to get to the root cause of your issue, there are no 5-minute sessions with us. Most of the sessions with our GP will last at least 30 minutes, if not an hour. Nothing can truly be addressed with a quick fix. 

Your GP with work with our other practitioners to create a bespoke health plan that serves you and your future health-self.


Osteopathy was created by Andrew Taylor Still, and in a session with our osteopath they will use techniques such as massage, stretching of stiff joints, articulation and high-velocity thrust to help reduce pain, enhance movement and increase blood flow. 

The first session will be a diagnostic session to understand your particular issue. Afterwards, our osteopath will explain your plan for health and well-being. 

Sessions last 30-60 minutes, and most plans stretch across 3-12 appointments.

Meditation Healing

Many modern illnesses stem from a lifestyle that is high-paced and coloured by stress. Meditation can be a very effective healing modality because first and foremost it reduces stress and tension within the body. At Whole Health Centre, our practitioners use Visual Meditation, which not only helps to reduce stress and tension in the body but opens the mind to the spiritual realm. All around us, there is a powerful healing force that we can tap into via the gateway of meditation. 

In a meditation healing session, the practitioner will guide you through a meditative experience that will place you in a profoundly relaxing space, cleanse your aura and chakra, open your mind to your intuition and start healing the ills of your subconscious on an energetic level. 

Leaving the session, you should feel more confident, calm and empowered to make healthy choices for yourself. 

A session tends to last 60 minutes and most clients sign up to 3-10 sessions.


In a similar way to acupuncture, our reflexologists will use pressure points in your hands and feet to relieve stress and pain within your body. Reflexology believes that ‘qi’ or ‘life energy’ flows through the body, and at times this energy can get blocked. By placing pressure on certain points on the body these blockages can be removed.

Reflexology can help with reducing stress, anxiety and general pain. Also, improve overall well-being. 

When you leave a session with our reflexologist, you should feel calm, relaxed and able to take on the modern challenges of life from a more confident state of being. 

A session will last 30 or 60 minutes and clients sign up for 6-12 sessions.